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Medicinal Cannabis Myths, Truths and Trends

The current demand for plant-based treatments is reaching new heights, however it’s a complicated area that is very much at the mercy of red tape. To bring some clarification to the topic, leading cannabis-centric healthcare innovator and Founder of Bod Australia, Jo...

What is Gut Health and Why is it so Important?

We caught up with Olympic team dietitian, Peta Carige to chat about how to improve your gut health It has been stated multiple times that the gut is the body’s second brain because of how closely it is tied to the way the body functions. Even though the...

How to Work From Home More Effectively

5 Tips From our Expert Physiotherapist and Fitness Entrepreneur, Jordan McCreary Despite starting out as a bit of a novelty, working from for prolonged periods can negatively affect our muscles and bones, contribute to poor cardiovascular health and impact our mental...

The Entertainment Industry and COVID-19

The only word that can be used to explain how our industry has moved forward during this time is ‘adapt’. We’ve had no other option other than to ADAPT, and quickly. From streaming live performances within a matter of days of the global pandemic hitting in the US, to...

R U OK?Day with Claire Aristides

Today Thursday, 10 September 2020 is R U OK?Day, and if Covid has taught us anything, it’s just how fragile things really can be at times. Covid has also shown us just how important our mental well-being is for everyone, it’s opened up the conversation more so than...

3 Hair Styling Tips for Every Man

Today, we sit down with world renowned hair stylist Anthony Nader to ask three burning questions on every man's mind when it comes to taking care of the the mop on top. What do I even ask for? When you’re sitting in the hot seat next for your haircut, ask your Stylist...


I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Carmella Galasso to take a deep dive into the things that have driven her own leadership style and the characteristics that encourage a culture of mentorship. Carmella, for those of us who haven't been lucky enough to...

De-Stress for Success

  There has been no definition of stress that everyone accepts, however the most common definition is, "physical, mental or emotional strain or tension that focuses on negativity.". Stress is ever-present and follows us everywhere, since there is no avoiding it, ...

Feeling inadequate during Covid-19?

It’s completely normal that some of us are feeling anxious, inadequate, depressed as we are in unprecedented times that our generation have never experienced. Almost everyone’s jobs, businesses or investments have been affected somehow we have lost control of our...

Peta Cariage x BEE+ Partnership

BEE+ Partnership BEE+ was established in 2011. The company employs many outstanding beekeepers who journey into remote locations to ensure Manuka Honey that is totally untouched by pollutants such as pesticides. Peta Cariage has partnered with the BEE+ team in...


Coote Experts completely put me on the map!  I had expertise to share I knew would be valuable for our community — and Coote enabled me with the platform and the voice.  Since signing with Coote Experts just a few months ago, I have been featured in Lifehacker, The Hatch, Body & Soul and!”

Alina Rose

Relationship & Sensuality Expert