Today, we sit down with world renowned hair stylist Anthony Nader to ask three burning questions on every man’s mind when it comes to taking care of the the mop on top.

What do I even ask for?

When you’re sitting in the hot seat next for your haircut, ask your Stylist to add some choppy texture on top and keep the sides and back tight and clean.


Adding your new found texture will give the versatility of having that clean slick professional appearance and after work hours you can run your fingers through your hair to encourage the cool fun texture.

Talk to me about product- what should I be using and how much?

Don’t weigh your hair down with unnecessary styling products as you’re only washing your hard earned dollars down the drain.

What to use? 

Hair strands normally get more oily than dry (and especially at the root area), so get your hands onto a clay or paste that will define your haircut rather than using say a wax that will only make your hair look oily and drab.

Don’t layer, over layer, over layer with different products all at the one time.

Keep it simple.

If I’m not quite a silver fox what can I do? 

If you have those unwanted silver hair strands sneaking through but don’t want anyone to notice them including your fine self.
Personally, theres nothing worse than seeing a man wearing a hair colour that looks like its been coloured. Do you agree?
Its just so artificial looking and dare I mention can also look like you’ve just raided a wig supply shop because your colour has gone #WAY #TOO dark.

Ask your Hair Stylist for a semi perminant colour that will “camoflage” your exsisting greys into the rest of your hair colour.

This is a colour service that I 100% agree with, as this doesn’t give that blanket appearance of being artificially coloured and most importanly this way fades out looking most natural.