5 Tips From our Expert Physiotherapist and Fitness Entrepreneur, Jordan McCreary

Despite starting out as a bit of a novelty, working from for prolonged periods can negatively affect our muscles and bones, contribute to poor cardiovascular health and impact our mental wellness. With many of us back at home, it’s the perfect time for a quick reminder of a few healthy habits you can implement during your work days in lock down. Here are five tips that will help you work more effectively from your home office.

Create a Dedicated Workspace

Choose an adjustable chair that allows your feet to be flat on the ground, your keyboard to be at elbow height and your eyes to be level with the top third of your monitor. It’s important to designate a specific part of your home to be your workstation, even if this is your dining table!

Sit AND Stand During the Day

Make sure you can work both sitting down and standing up in the optimal ergonomic position and that you’re alternating regularly! When you sit, distribute your weight equally on both hips by sitting at the centre of your chair and not too far on the front or sides. Avoid crossing your legs, as this tends to upset the weight distribution and cuts off circulation to the lower legs. Whether you’re sitting or standing the same ergonomic principals apply.

For a better home set-up, consider furniture like the Es Desk that is a low cost, easily assembled option that allows you to achieve this in both positions. Creating the optimal ergonomic workstation is about having the right tools at your disposal and making a conscious effort to move during the workday.

Be Aware of your Posture

Understanding how you should be working and starting in the right position is half the battle.  It’s then up to you to be aware of yourself & the positions you are in throughout your workday! Use little reminders and your regular breaks to reset and set up correctly.

Stick to a Routine

Just like you did when you were in the office, stick to a regular schedule. This should include moving often, staying hydrated and eating regular meals (not just snacking from the fridge!). The increase in virtual meetings means we are now sitting at our workstation for hours and not moving throughout the office. Be mindful of how long you are in the one spot and aim to move every 30 minutes, even if it’s just a few steps around the room.  Remember a lack of movement increases your risk of injury. A good routine increases productivity!

Move Everyday

Try and find 30 to 60 minutes a day to get out of your workspace and walk, run or something in between – it’s a great excuse to hang out with your puppy, the real winners our of lockdown!

About Jordan McCreary

Jordan owns Sydney-based physiotherapy and wellness studio, Activate in addition to over 30 F45 and FS8 fitness venues. Not only does he set an example to his clients about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but he is also a leader in business management, coaching, and fitness education. As a fully qualified and experienced physiotherapist, Jordan is highly skilled in health communication, planning and management. These attributes make him revered by his clients and are abilities that transfer to the health and fitness business with ease.

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