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Alice Corbett



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Sports Podiatry Expert.

Alice is a highly experienced senior Sports Podiatrist specialising in injuries of the
lower limbs (feet, ankle and legs). This includes biomechanics, running and walking
gait analysis, exercise therapy, taping, footwear advice and prescription of custom
foot orthoses. Having lived in London for 10 years, Alice worked at one of London’s
most respected sports medicine clinics and refined her evidence based practice
through completion of a Master’s degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine. Alice is a
skilled clinician with broad experience in the management of musculoskeletal and
biomechanical injuries for a diverse patient cohort. She also manages ingrown
toenails, calluses, general nail and skin care and other general enquiries about the
foot and ankle.

Clinical Expertise.

Her extensive knowledge of podiatry, and passion for recreational running, extends
into helping patients to overcome their injury, optimise their running style, and
maintain performance. Having a deep understanding of the connection between foot
health and maintaining a healthy, active and happy lifestyle, Alice is heavily invested
in injury prevention and management. From shared decision making to tailored
rehabilitation plans, individualised exercise and stretching programs, gait retraining,
and manual therapies Alice adopts a personalised and multifaceted approach to her
patient’s road to recovery.

Footwear Fanatic

Alice works with popular podiatry fashion brand, Bared Footwear, representing the
brand at international conferences and as their in-store podiatrist to ensure patients
have comfortable footwear for every occasion . As a self-confessed footwear nerd
with a keen interest in state-of-the-art performance footwear, Alice has also
connected with other major international sports footwear brands to trial and provide
well-informed tailored recommendations to her patients. Her passion for inclusive
healthcare also saw her involvement with humanitarian aid missions to provide
medical care to remote Mayan communities in Guatemala.
“Feet are often the last thing people think about in their overall health. I hope to
increase awareness and optimise recovery for people regardless of their background
or level of activity.” – Alice Corbett


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expert offering

Expert Commentary – podiatry, feet and leg injuries, footwear advice, athlete recovery, rehabilitation exercise programs, running advice, biomechanics, general foot and nail care.

Brand Partnerships – Fitness, Footwear, Foot and Nail Care

● Bachelor of Podiatry (University of Newcastle, Australia)
● Masters in Sports & Exercise Medicine (Queen Mary’s University of London)
Registrations and Associations:
● Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
● Australian Podiatry Association
● Sports and Exercise Podiatry Australia
● Health and Care Professions Council (UK)
● Royal College of Podiatry (UK)

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