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Alistair Horscroft



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A Mind Master

A philosopher with over 2 decades of teaching, therapy and coaching experience at
the highest levels including world champion athletes, CEOs of leading companies
and celebrities, Alistair is a high performance mind-trainer who is dedicated to
providing real world, practical and life changing solutions to maximise potential.
Alistair’s Discovery Channel TV series ‘Life Guru’ put him on the personal
development map back in London and led him to being a sought out advisor, trainer
and coach. As well as practical philosophy Alistair is highly specialised in
Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP), Psychotherapy and Success

Life Changing Solutions

Alistair’s skill and insight in modern psychology, coaching, NLP and hypnosis led him
to create the government accredited diploma in Modern Psychology. He has
developed powerful certification and accredited programs for the 4 domains of life:
Mind, Body, Relationships and Business:
● The Hummingbird Method (a drug-free transformation method as powerful
as plant medicine for trauma and life blocks)
● High Performance Hypnosis (Mind) – How to build a high performance
mindset using the power of self hypnosis and high performance coaching.
● Kings and Queens – Understand how to get, create and maintain meaningful
and magical relationships
● We Become heroes – Get the map of self optimisation and life navigation so
that you can embrace yourself and life fully and become everything you can
● Species Specific – Understand the mindset, movement and nutrition needed
to optimise your brain and body.
Alistair has over a decade of thought leadership and media experience. His
commentary has featured in countless publications including The Daily Telegraph,
The Australian and The Times.

Having amassed an extraordinary body of success including presenting his own
Discovery Channel TV series, delivering a TedX talk, coaching world class athletes,
being an advisor for leading entrepreneurs and business owners, creating
government programs for the long-term unemployed, running the famous Taronga
Zoo Fearless Program, and creating the government-accredited diploma in Modern
“The world has fallen into the trap of ‘coping’, my work is about ‘resolving’ and then

The Mind Academy

Alistair is the founder and CEO of The Mind Academy, a training centre that helps
individuals of all experience levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners,
become professional coaches and therapists. It is one of the most comprehensive
courses of its kind in the world today. The Mind Academy’s courses delve into the
heart of the human experience and how to optimise it. From resolving trauma and
confusion, improving communication and relationships to optimising mind and body
potential, his courses are practical and purpose driven so that you can succeed in




Expert Commentary:
● Leadership & Coaching
● Personal development, optimisation & success
● Relationships
● NLP & Hypnotherapy
● Behavioural sciences
● Goal setting and achievement
● Philosophy
● Mind & body
● Business
● Nutrition.

Expert Offering – MC / Guest Speaker / Panellist, Brand Ambassadorship, Mentoring,
Leadership Programs, Corporate Workshops and Experiences
● Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)
● Trainer of Hypnotherapy
● Trainer of NLP
● Trainer of Life and Success CoachingNutrition Advisor
● Creator & Trainer of Diploma Of Modern Psychology – Australian Skills Quality
Authority (ASQA)

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