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Cass Spies is a food technologist, and the inspirational founder of Twisted Healthy Treats. Cass started her business from the ground-up, with her products now available in over 6,000 locations across Australia including Coles, Woolworths and Specialty Grovers. More Recently, her products have been exported to outlets in NZ and the USA.

Business Expansion.

As the Co-founder & Managing Director of Twisted Healthy Treats, A company that was started back in 2009, Cass built a team, obsessed with creating Australia’s best tasting frozen desserts that are actually good for you.

Product development. 

With a background in large scale Project Management within the financial services industry, she always had dreamed of having her own company. This became a reality after she moved back home to Sydney, Australia at the end of 2008 with her young and expanding family.
“Be nimble and listen to what your customers are telling you.”

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Your ability to react to market conditions and pivot is what gives small businesses the edge of big corporations.

She has built the only ‘ice cream style’ product that is approved for sale in School Canteens by the Australian Government – 2 million Australian school kids enjoy their yoghurt in their lunch break.

Cass has recently secured a big export deal with the USA, distributing more than 1.6 million mini cups of Australia’s best forzen yogurt (made from 100% Australian dairy) being consumed in the US!