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the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in determining one’s life and
claiming one’s rights.


Delivering expert sexual health and well-being advice, Dr Jessica Wade is a highly sought-after Medical Doctor and clinical Sexologist. As a proud Nynoogar woman, Dr Wade’s holistic approach to sexual health and wellbeing combines her expertise in Western medicine with her passion for mind, body and spiritual healing.

Alongside 8 years of clinical experience as a Doctor, she also completed a Masters in Pyscho-sexual therapy and runs sessions out of a GP clinic in Byron Bay.



Using a blend of psychosexual therapy, sensori-motor psychotherapy, ancient wisdom and medical principals in her sex therapy sessions, Dr Wade’s work is dedicated to helping individuals and couples overcome their sexual concerns. Her deep knowledge of sex, love and relationships not only helps to overcome their sexual issues, traumas and developmental/behavioural patterning but also to break down barriers of shame, guilt and conditions that stop them from truly experiencing sexual empowerment.

Her philosophy for healing is underpinned by a strong connection to her lineage in Aboriginal healing, honouring the connection between all dimensions of the human lifeforce: mind, body and spirit.

With a passion for accessible sexual health, she launched her own intimacy product line and uses her social media platforms to share sex-positive content and spread professional sexual advice.

“You cannot separate your sexual self from your everyday self. I believe when we step into
the authenticity of our sexual self, healing ripples into all aspects of our lives.”

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Doctor of Medicine MD, UNSW 2015
● Deep theoretical and practical understanding of human anatomy and physiology
● Diagnosing diseases, illnesses, and/or conditions
● Assessing the need for therapies and/or medicines and prescribing them

Masters of Medicine in Sexual Health and Reproduction (Psychosexual therapy) 2022
● Comprehensive knowledge and effective skills in dealing with the psychosocial contexts, prevention strategies and management techniques for sexual and reproductive health issues
● Understanding the prevention and treatment of sexual and reproductive health issues in relation to the psycho-social, biological and diagnostic contexts in which they occur.

Sensori-Motor Psychotherapy – Trauma Level 1
● Framework to engage mindfully aware experiments with physical actions and body sensations to resolve trauma in a way that words can’t.