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With eight years of experience as a certified child and infant sleep consultant, Kristy Griffiths
has dedicated her career to helping parents improve their families’ quality of sleep. As a mother of three girls and the founder and driving force behind The Sleep Teacher, she
understands firsthand the challenges of sleep deprivation and is committed to providing realistic and compassionate support. Kristy’s personal journey through the trials of parenthood makes her a trusted and empathetic ally in her clients’ quest for better sleep.


Kristy’s expertise as a baby sleep consultant is widely recognized, having amassed over 100K followers on Instagram and appearing on national television, including the Today Show. She has also collaborated with renowned brands such as Cotton On Kids to design functional sleep products.

Her work has reached over 30,000 families worldwide, and her impact is evident through the numerous positive testimonials from grateful clients. Kristy’s approach to sleep consulting emphasises gentle methods that avoid leaving children to cry for extended periods, offering parents various options to suit their needs and goals.

Kristy has garnered substantial media exposure, featuring in publications and channels like Channel 9, Mamamia, Kidspot, 9Honey, and DailyMail. Her expertise and approachable demeanour have made her a sought-after voice in the field of child and infant sleep consulting. She remains dedicated to supporting parents through personalised consultations, whether in person, over the phone, or via digital platforms, ensuring they no longer have to endure the hardships of sleep deprivation alone.

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Certified Sleep Consultant (Baby Sleep Consultant Training)

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