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Your ability to think, feel and function at your best — Sleep.

With passion and purpose Olivia Arezzolo’s success is grounded in dedication, drive and determination — accumulating over 9 years of university qualifications, with the vision of empowering individuals to live their best life.

Combining psychology, physiology and nutrition,  she applies her knowledge to sleep and provides straightforward, science based strategies to the media and private clients alike.

The thing that we love about Olivia is that it isn’t her qualifications that define her — it’s her drive and ability to spread her message through multiple mediums and provide the support, knowledge and confidence to be more.

“I’m proud to provide this transformation —introducing you to your previous self.”

The Details


  • Expert Commentry – Sleep, Health, Psychology, Mental Health
  • Corporate Speaking – The Impact Sleep Has on Your Business
  • Workshops – Sleep Practices, Sleep Challenge
  • Programs – Hotel Sleep Well
  • Brand Alignments

30 minutes with the sleep expert.

In just 30 minutes with the Sleep Expert you have the opportunity to cover everything from:

  • The benefits of sleeping properly
  • The impact upon mental health (links to depression, anxiety and stress), physical health (immunity, energy and skin health) and cognitive health (memory, mental clarity, learning, attention and concentration)
  • A how to guide to optimise your sleep output
    • Fundamentals 
    • What to avoid
    • The Sleep Routine

Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)

  • Key influences upon learning, memory, motivation.
  • Understanding of the brain.
  • Community and individual mental health promotion.
  • Hormones, and how they impact the body.
  • Effects of acute and chronic stress, including their role in psychopathology.

Certificate of Sleep Psychology

  • The importance of sleep for mental and physical well-being.
  • Root causes and consequences of sleeping problems, including stress, anxiety, depression and burnout.
  • Symptoms of chronic sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea.
  • Biomedical and complementary treatment options.

Certificate III & IV: Fitness

  • Studies of the body, including muscular, skeletal and hormonal systems.
  • Designing fitness programs for individual needs.
  • Coaching principles, including theories of motivation.

Diploma of Health Science

  • Fundamentals of nutritional medicine, including remedying illness with food.
  • Creating a nutrient rich diet for clients. 
  • Cornerstones of communication and counselling.

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