Experts Live

You heard it here first: learn from trailblazers through our Live event series. From health and wellbeing to beauty and business, our experts contribute to Coote Experts Live discussions and panels, offering topical deep-dives for everyone to enjoy.  

Our quarterly Live events aim to educate, engage, and entertain with industry insights you won’t find anywhere else. We invite leaders in their fields to speak on timely subjects and offer helpful tips that can confidently be put into action. Have a burning question for one of our featured experts? Live is your time to ask!   

Coote Experts Live also allows you to pick up the mic for your brand or business. Our flexible event structure is fully customisable, letting you host a branded panel, masterclass, or keynote, exactly how you want it.   

For more information about how our Coote Experts Live can work for your brand or business, please contact us.

Looking for an expert in a field that we don’t have listed?

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We also offer a service, to seek, source and vet an expert to brief on request.

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