The only word that can be used to explain how our industry has moved forward during this time is ‘adapt’. We’ve had no other option other than to ADAPT, and quickly.

From streaming live performances within a matter of days of the global pandemic hitting in the US, to drive-in concerts, virtual reality concerts and now the statistic showing that more artists than ever are releasing music on all streaming platforms. Whilst the music industry was one of the hardest hit at a very early stage, we managed to group together quickly and come up with solutions.

I personally had one of my clients go from live streaming a DJ set for the promoters of EDC Las Vegas in her Cronulla garage, to streaming live from a warehouse with full production in downtown LA for Middlelands and then pulling off what should have been a Coachella set live from a house in the hills within only a matter

Artists and managers during this time should try their best to keep their head up and move with the times. Get creative, get weird, get inspired, get rest, and try something new in this field that you may not of have the chance to do if this pandemic didn’t hit. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter – because right now NOTHING but health matters.

We will never have this much time, emotional freedom and ability to pick up new skills again, so that’s what we should be doing.

What can you do as a manager, agent, publicist, record label or artist at the moment?

  • Research new artists
  • Read some of the worlds biggest management and music business books
  • Create new content
  • Re-brand yourself
  • Write music, write LOTS OF MUSIC
  • Heck if you’re a singer, songwriter – why not learn to DJ?
  • Keep your head up
  • Check in with your industry contacts
  • And if this pandemic has made you feel like you want to use this time to have a break and re-group – then do just that!

Remember that Burger King, Airbnb, uber, groupon, Microsoft, Mailchimp, and the video game company Electronic Arts – all emerged during or post a recession. CNN went live for the first time during the 1980’s recession……

Anything, and any form of greatness is always possible.


Lexy Dobbin in a Sydney-born, LA based music talent manager who launched Ministry of Sound Australia’s corporate department and landed a role as the first Australian female manager with global artist management agency Red Light Management.